Cover letter service (盖信)

$ 85.00

Professional cover letters, drafted by our scientific publishing experts (专业函,由我们的专家起草).

Our writers will ensure that your cover letter adheres to journal requirements, help you describe your research in clear and engaging terms, and highlight its importance and suitability for the target journal.

How to order this service (如何订购这项服务)

Step 1 (单击该按钮): Click 'Add to cart'. You will be asked to upload your manuscript, thesis, or grant file(s) on the next page.

Step 2 (上传您的文档): Enter your contact information, upload your manuscript and click 'Continue to payment'. You will then be redirected to checkout.

Step 3 (完成付款): Enter billing details and complete payment.

After we receive the order, one of our writers will contact you via email to request basic information about your manuscript.

Alternatively, simply email your manuscript to We will email you an invoice that can be paid online. 

电子邮件 与您的文档. 我们将发送您的发票, 以网上支付.